Meaningful moments in nature

Rejuvenating communities
one moment at a time

As modern life keeps speeding up so do modern health issues

Over 40 years of research shows cities are rapidly becoming known as epicentres for chronic, non-communicable physical and mental health disease.



Total cost of mental illness, on a conservative basis, in Australia per year.

1 in 5

Australians have experienced mental illness in a given year


of Australia's disease burden is due to poor mental health

We’re on a mission to find a way to help communities turn these health issues around.

Urban planners, designers, landscape architects, anthropologists, clinical and occupational phycologists, first nation custodians, ecologists, community engagement, community resilience, marketing and nature connection specialists

(Including the Macquarie University interdisciplinary research team)

The Go Slow for a Mo’ Program is brought to you by The Connective: seeking to research and apply the benefits of nature 

Our research is confirming what we have all known for a long time


has a profound effect on our wellbeing

But it's more than just a walk in the park

To get the health benefits offered to us by nature, research shows us that the types of activities matter and the amount of time spent is less relevant. The more meaningful the engagement the more profound the benefits

Proven benefits include:

Go Slow For A Mo' is series of fun and meaningful rejuvenation moments in nature, forming a trail that can be easily installed in any local park, pocket park or green space.

Rejuvenation Moments

The trails are supported by signage, mobile audio and research data. We also provide ongoing evaluation tools and promotional material for the trail to be the most effective it can be.

Trail design, signage, and branding

QR Code Activated mobile instructions and audio

Post trail data and ongoing evaluations

Ongoing promotional material

Team training and development

It’s not just our health that benefits.

Meaningful engagement with nature is proven to cultivate a more caring attitude toward the health of our planet and others in our community. So it’s a win win win.

Also helping to deliver on a number of Sustainability Development Goals and other sustainability reporting frameworks.

We have a number of trails installed, with more on the way!

You too can turn your local park into the ultimate rejuvenation station with


  • Specially designed trail with 6 rejuvenation stations installed in a greenspace of your choice
  • Signage (including digital only options) and instructions
  • QR Code activated mobile audio and text instructions
  • Digital evaluation tools and reporting
  • Promotional material (yearly refresh): social media tiles, posters, banner ads
  • Team training and development
  • Yearly refresh or additions of rejuvenation activities options

Working and Collaborating With


Need to know more?

Driven by a mission to deliver positive change

Operating as a social enterprise, a different kind of business

Our mission is to help rejuvenate communities one moment at a time by creating nature experiences that refresh mood, energy and focus; increasing care and wellbeing for self, community and the natural environment. Our business model reflects the belief that everyone should have access to, and enjoy the health benefits that nature has to offer. We keep our operation costs down to scale our trail delivery up. We value the privacy of your data. We feed profits back into research so we can continue to find the best possible nature-based solutions for both people and planet. 

We acknowledge that we meet, play, work and live on this wonderful country of Australia, which has been occupied by Aboriginal peoples for thousands of generations. We thank all of the caretakers past and present, for their tending of land, waterways and cultures. We pay our deepest respects to the Elders: past, present and emerging.