Wind Watcher

The proven health benefits of nature are always free. Attune to the elements of wind and water to get a healthy dose.
This exercise takes between 3-5 minutes​.

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The ocean air helps you feel more relaxed, clear minded and is even known to boost your immunity.

Step 1: Standing or sitting where you are, notice the action of the wind. What direction is the wind coming from?

Step 2: Notice how the wind is it affecting your body and clothes? How is it moving the clouds? How are the birds using the wind?

Step 3: Wind moving over water makes waves. What do the waves look like today? Are they light ripples from gentle winds, regular and powerful from a far away storm, or choppy from winds close to shore?

Step 4: Try filling in the blanks.  Outside I see the waves being ……. (wild/choppy/smooth/ripples/etc), inside they make me feel …….. (exhilarated/awestruck/calm/sad/etc)

The waves and ocean are always changing, just like our emotions.

Enjoy watching the ocean and the feeling of the energy of the waves in your body for as long as you like but aim for at least 1 minute.  

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