Time to Go Slow for a Mo' at Watsons Bay

When it becomes more than just a walk in the park…

Along the trail there are seven Rejuvenation Stations where you’ll be guided through a series of meditative activities that will help you slow down, connect, reflect and relax.

The route has been designed to help you experience the full contrast of our local environment; from the powerful energy of the ocean along the Gap Park coastline, to the peaceful space of Don Ritchie grove and the cool canopy of the fig trees as you head down the hill.

The trail is 750m long and is graded as an ‘easy’ walk. It should take about 40-50 minutes to complete. If you don’t have time to complete the whole trail, simply try one activity along the way.

"Following the popularity of the Cooper Park Nature Wellness Trail, we launch this new trail through Gap Park in Watsons Bay to help slow people down and connect with nature."
Michelle Rose
Wollahra Council

Getting there

  • Ferry: Catch the ferry to Watsons Bay, head up through Robertson Park and across Military Road to the stairs leading up to the coastal clifftop walkway.
  • Bus: the nearest bus routes are 324 and 325. The stop is Robertson Park, Military Rd, Watsons Bay Stop ID: 203070
  • Parking: Navigate to Robertson Park at Watsons Bay. Parking in this area can be limited, particularly on weekends. When parking is not available close to the start of the trail there may be more parking just a few minutes walk up the hill along Old South Head Road. Please remember to follow all parking restrictions.