This grounding exercise is designed to help use your senses and have fun while doing it!
This exercise takes between 2-3 minutes.

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When we use all our senses, we notice a lot more of our surroundings. This exercise is also a great way to help us relax when feeling nervous or anxious.

Step 1: Start by taking a long, deep breath.

Step 2: See three things around you. Look both in front of you and behind you. What do you see?

Step 3: Touch two things around you. You could start with the ground beneath your feet, touch things that are close to you or a short distance away. What do you touch?

Step 4: Smell one thing around you. Is there anything in flower? Do any of the plants smell? You might have to get up close to a plant to catch it’s smell.  

At the end of this exercise take a long, deep breath.

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