Take it All in

Look at this amazing view! Lets take this all in... ready?​
This exercise takes between 2-4 minutes.​

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Using all our senses in nature is a powerful mindfulness practice leading to feelings of awe, love and appreciation. 

Step 1: Notice five things that you can see.  Look for things that are interesting or make you happy.  Pick out two in front of you and then three behind.

Step 2: Notice four things you can feel.  The weather. The feel of your feet on the ground. Touch something.  Place one hand on your heart, the other on your stomach and take a breath.  How does this feel?

Step 3: Notice three things you can hear.  Listen all around including up and down.  Pay special attention to the quietest sound you can hear.

Step 4: Notice two things you can smell. Try taking short sniffs like a dog – it may feel strange but it works; sometimes the smells are stronger this way. Are there flowers nearby?

Step 5: Notice one thing you can taste. The last thing you ate or drank, or the taste of the air in your mouth.  Sip some water. Does it have a taste?

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