Take it All in

Look at this amazing view! Lets take this all in... ready?​

This exercise takes between 2-4 minutes.​

Recorded by Melissa, who enjoys the feeling when you reach the mountain top and using all senses to take in the view!
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Text Instructions

Step 1: Notice 5 things that you can see.  Look for things that are interesting or make you happy.  Pick out two in front of you and then three behind.

Step 2: Notice 4 things you can feel.  The weather. The feel of your feet on the ground. Touch something.  Place one hand on your heart, the other on your stomach and take a breath.  How does this feel?

Step 3: Notice 3 things you can hear.  Listen all around including up and down.  Pay special attention to the quietest sound you can hear.

Step 4: Notice 2 things you can smell. Try taking short sniffs like a dog – it may feel strange but it works; sometimes the smells are stronger this way. Are there flowers nearby?

Step 5: Notice 1 thing you can taste. The last thing you ate or drank, or the taste of the air in your mouth.  Sip some water. Does it have a taste?

How will it make you feel

Using all our senses in nature is a powerful mindfulness practice leading to feelings of awe, love and appreciation.