United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

A global blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for us all!

Our mission is to help rejuvenate communities one moment at a time by creating nature experiences that refresh mood, energy and focus; increasing care and wellbeing for self,
community and the natural environment. Our business model reflects the belief that everyone should have access to, and enjoy the health benefits that nature has to offer. We keep our operation costs down to scale our delivery up. We feed profits back into research (Living Lab) so we can continue to find the best possible nature-based solutions servicing people and planet.

We are proud to be delivering on 10 of the 17 Goals

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Want to transform your green space into a rejuvenation place?‚Äč

We can help you to supercharge the health benefits of any green space – whether it be a national park, local park, pocket park, backyard, learning space or workplace.

Contact us: waminda@theconnective.co