Sensory Switch

Switch on your senses to access nature’s wellbeing power, creating moments to pause, stop and notice nature.
This exercise takes between 2-3 minutes.

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Engaging your senses in nature has well-documented beneficial effects on improving mental restoration, calm and creativity. Nature smells and touch stimulate resilience to stress.

Step 1: Take some time to notice three different types of smells around you. It may be easier if you block some of your other senses such as closing your eyes or covering your ears. Try taking short sniffs like a dog. It may feel strange but it works; sometimes the smells are stronger this way.

Can you smell anything? What might be flowering around you or casting off a scent?

Step 2: Now take some time to touch at least two items; a leaf, a rock, bark or a stick. Notice the different types of textures and the many different shapes that surround you. Some are within hands reach, others are under your feet or a short distance away. What do they look like? Imagine how they will feel.

Stay with the exercise as long as you like but aim for at least 2-3 minutes.

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