Enjoying meaningful moments in nature for your health and wellbeing.

What type of nature?

To make the most of these exercises we recommend that you find a spot where you feel comfortable and safe. Some good locations include next to water (a lake or a running creek), places with a view, areas that have lots of tree and shrub diversity with different plants in flower, and anywhere you might get the chance to see animals, especially birds (e.g. early morning or early evening to see more bird activity). Please enjoy… 

1. Breathe Slowly

Breathing into the abdomen is a simple way to take more effective breaths, increasing relaxation and decreasing stress.

This exercise takes between 2-4 minutes​

A great exercise to do near fragrant flowers and plants. And don’t forget to feel the textures.

2. Sensory Switch

Switch on your senses to access nature’s wellbeing power, creating moments to pause, stop and notice nature.

This exercise takes between 2-3 minutes.

This exercise is simple but amazing, especially when you can hear the sound of gentle running water or diversity of birdsong – don’t forget to listen out for that quite sound! 

3. Listen Up!

Tuning into nature sounds will decrease your stress levels and restore your attention and focus​.

This exercise takes between 3-7 minutes​.

A great exercise to do when you have a view or surrounded by a lot of trees.

4. Relax the Eyes

Use your peripheral vision to actively improve your connection with nature and reduce stress and anxiety.

This exercise takes between 2-5 minutes.

Find a cool tree…

5. The Tree & Me

Mirroring nature introduces a new sense of connection. Try this with children or just embrace your inner child! ​​

This exercise takes between 2-4 minutes.​​

6. Beautiful Things

Noticing nature’s beauty has been shown to increase life satisfaction and wellbeing.

This exercise takes between 3-10 minutes.

6. Meaningful Moment

Letting nature remind us of a positive memory supports our wellbeing.

This exercise takes between 2-4 minutes.