Pricing and Consultation

Turn your greenspace into the ultimate rejuvenation place using our
Go Slow for a Mo’ Trail Package

Package and PricingTrail & Training
Site assessment to match rejuvenation stations with optimal natural features #  X
Six rejuvenation stations exercises designed as a trail or zone
Customised trail landing webpage with your logo and trail overview with interactive map
Online audio and text instructions activated by QR code or via the online map
Trail welcome pack introducing trail features and benefits
Evaluation metrics and bi-annual evaluation report ~
Promotional pack including social media tiles, and banner ads
First year licence fee (see licence options below)
Six aluminium rejuvenation exercise signs (from 300mm x 450mm single sided  print or 250mm x 250mm QR only) with client logo*^^X
Trail welcome sign (500mm x 1 200mm or 300mm x 450mm options double sided print) and client logo* X
Trail finish sign (from 300mm x 450mm single sided print) with client logo* X
Introduction training on trail design and use (1 hr webinar; presentation with Q & A)X
# Site assessment does not include travel costs outside Greater Sydney 
* Signage does not include attachment points (eg coupling to attach signs to existing poles & infrastructure).
~ Customise scientific research is available through our research institute partners (POA)
^^Custom signage design is available at a per/hour rate

Contact us for consultancy rates for masterplan design, green prescriptions or other customised solutions.

Licence Options and Customised Training

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