Owl Eyes

Use this fun activity to activate your owl eyes (your wide-angle vision) to see more movement around you, and feel more aware.
This exercise takes between 2-5 minutes.​

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When we use our Owl Eyes we are able to spot much more movement when outdoors. It also triggers a part of our brain that helps us to relax.

Step 1: Imagine you are an owl with eyeballs so large they are stuck in their sockets and cannot move but you can still everything in front of you.

Step 2:  Look straight ahead at where the horizon would be and hold your arms out in front of you.  While looking straight ahead move your arms around and behind back, notice how you can still see your hands even though you are looking straight ahead. Wiggle your fingers and stretch your arms back until they just disappear.

Now  slowly bring your arms forwards again while still wriggling your fingers. Just when you can see your fingers while still looking forward, you know that are using all of your wide-angle vision. Slowly look to left and look to the right and be amazed by how big your owl eyes are.

Step 3: Let’s try the same for your top and bottom vision. Again, hold your arms in front of you and then move one arm up and one arm down while wiggling your fingers. Move your arms around in a circle at the edge of your vision and notice how much you can see using your wide-angle vision.

Step 4: Now, while looking forward ONLY notice the things that are moving.

Step 5: When something moves, snap onto it and zoom in for a closer look. Then return to your Owl Eyes and repeat.

Stay with this exercise for as long as you like but try to stay with it for 2 minutes.

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