Nature Names

This nature name charade game is a fun way to get moving, use your imagination and learn about the natural environment.

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This mimicry game is used to trigger mirror neurons that increases your understanding, empathy and compassion for nature.

Nature Name Game (ages 2 – 100) groups size 2-20

This game is like charades where you have to act out your nature name and the rest of the group has to guess what it is.  The first person to guess gets the next turn.

Step 1: Discover your nature name by spinning the wheel.

Think about your animals most obvious features, senses, and movement or behaviour (do some research if you need to, or download the teacher pack which has a journal page for each animal)  

Step 2:  The first person stands in front of the group and acts out the nature without talking

Everyone tries to guess the answer.

Really try and imagine you are the animal (it will help the guessers)

If none is able to guess what you are, you can try and make sounds.

Step 3: For extra fun you can try add in your nature style as well e.g. “Smelly” “Turtle”

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