Macquarie University Living Lab Program

Thank you for completing the Living Lab Go Slow for a Mo' Nature Wellness Trail Program

We hope that you have enjoyed the program and learnt just how amazing and important nature is for our health and wellbeing. Remember you can use the exercises in your own time at any time! So please make sure you continue to use these exercises either on campus, or in your own backyard or even when you are just walking down the street. 

Thanks for filling in our POST-trail evaluation to help us to learn more about the health benefits of nature. 

POST-Trail Evaluation (within 1 week after trail program)

We ask that Living Lab trail participants complete the following evaluation questions within one week after undertaking trail program. Please allow 5-10 minutes to complete all five post-trail surveys:

CN-12 Index

The CN-12 is a connection with nature evaluation instrument. Please answer 12 short questions:

Living Lab POST-Trail Evaluation CN-12

WHO Index

The World Health Organisation- Five Well-Being Index (WHO-5) is a short self-​reported measure of current mental wellbeing.

Living Lab POST-Trail Evaluation WHO Index
Please indicate for each of the five statements which is closest to how you have been feeling over the past two weeks.

Control Question

Living Lab POST-Trail Evaluation Control Question
Have you experienced a significant life stress in the last month?

INS Inclusion

Inclusion of Nature in Self (INS) scale (adapted from Schultz 2002).

Living Lab POST-Trail Evaluation INS Inclusion
Please select which image (of 1-7) that best describes your relationship with the natural environment? How interconnected are you with nature?


The Positive and Negative Affect Schedule or (PANAS) is a scale that consists of different words that describe feelings and emotions.

Living Lab POST-Trail Evaluation PANAS
Indicate the extent you have felt this way over the past week.