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Macquarie University NSW

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Chief Investigator: A/Prof Peter Davies


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Study: People’s connection with nature: Effects on Well-being

[Socio-ecological regenerative approaches to liveability and sustainability]  


The purpose of this study:

This study aims to explore people’s engagement with the natural environment and its influence on community (human and environmental) wellbeing. Our objective is to discover how nature-inspired design and nature-connection solutions contribute to improving our physical and mental health, social wellbeing and our ability to care for the natural environment.


You are invited to participate in ‘The Connective Nature-Wellness Trail’, to evaluate the experience of participating in a range of nature connection exercises for enhancing health and well-being. The trail is a series of nature-wellness stops that self-guide individuals through short nature-connection exercises known as ‘nature nudges’. The trail follows a design flow to maximise the nature connection experience and amplify wellbeing effects.


Participation in the research will include doing the wellness trail and responding to surveys before and after the wellness trail. Participation in the research is voluntary and all data is being collected anonymously.

The findings from our study will help us understand whether engagement and appreciation of nature is associated with positive benefits to people’s physical and emotional well-being, and whether personality styles also influence these relations.

  • further inform and advance the design of public places;
  • identify and understand any negative and positive outcomes from engaging with various environments so that the benefits can be enhanced in future planning; and

provide councils and policy makers with evidence for informing the design and development of nature inspired programs to support and improve the well-being of people and the planet.

The findings may be used for further research by a multidisciplinary team of researchers including:  Associate Professor Peter Davies (School of Natural Sciences; Macquarie University; email peter.davies@mq.edu.au; Associate Professor Kate Lloyd (School of Social Sciences; Macquarie University; email kate.lloyd@mq.edu.au; Dr Kath McLachlan, School of Natural Sciences, kath.McLachlan@mq.edu.au; Ms. Waminda Parker (The Connective; email: Waminda.Parker@theconnective.co); Dr Miles Holmes (The Connective; email: Miles.Holmes@theconnective.co; Dr. Ross Wissing (Deakin University; email: rjwissin@deakin.edu.au); Professor Maria Kangas (Centre for Emotional Health, School of Psychological Sciences, Macquarie University; email: Maria.Kangas@mq.edu.au).

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