Welcome to the Living Lab (Lakeside)
NatureFix Wellness Trail

START of Trail Evaluation.

Living Lab (Att Restoration)_Master_Start Trail


Select the outdoor activity you are about to do


Please select the number of the picture which best describes your relationship with the natural environment in the last 24 HOURS. Please answer spontaneously with what comes to your mind first

Please answer the following questions in relation to the place you anticipate undertaking the activities most often

I am very attached to "this place" being the place you will undertake the activity
"This place" is very special to me
I identify strongly with "this place"
This is the best place for activities that I like to do
No other place can compare to "this place"
I would not substitute any other area for the activities I do at "this place"
Please respond to each of the following statements in terms of how you are feeling right now.

Digit Span Test

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