Give Gratitude

Letting nature remind us of a positive memory supports our wellbeing​.

This exercise takes between 2-4 minutes.​

Recorded by Jackie, who loves watching the rain as it reminds her of watching the monsoons when growing up in Malaysia!
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Text Instructions

Step 1: Spend a minute looking for an object that reminds you of a particular happy memory. This could be a distant childhood memory or a more recent experience. The object can be a physical item like a rock, leaf or bird or may relate to your other senses, such as a smell or a sound.

Step 2: Spend at least one minute reflecting on this happy memory. How does your item remind you of that moment?

Step 3: Give gratitude for that experience and the many more happy experiences still to come.

As you move to the next station leave the object behind but hold that happy memory with you.

How will it make you feel

Expressing gratitude makes us happier and healthier; improving our immune system, reducing blood pressure, improving sleep and pain management. Recalling happy events help increase resilience and feelings of optimism.