Focus on Fractals

Looking at the repeated patterns (or fractals) in nature helps to put us in a state of relaxation and awe.

This exercise takes between 2-4 minutes.‚Äč

Recorded by Miles, who enjoys lying back and looking up at the repeated patterns in the clouds!
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Step 1: Stand or sit in an area where you have a good view of an entire tree fern.

Step 2: Take your time to notice the how the entire fern is mostly made up from the same basic shape repeated over and over again. Notice how the large leaves (fronds) of the fern have the same patterns for each leaf.

Step 3: Now look more closely at the leaves and see how they are made up of smaller copies of themselves. Look at the very smallest leaflet on the end. See how they are repeating the same pattern across the frond, leaf and leaflet.

Step 4: If you can, move closely to a fern and feel its texture. How does it feel?

Step 5: Look around your immediate area. What other types of repeated patterns can you find?

Stay with viewing patterns as long as you like but aim for between 2-4 minutes.

How will it make you feel?

This exercise creates a feeling of awe, rest and relaxation. Looking at patterns in nature has the same influence on our emotions as listening to classical music!