Focus on Fractals

Looking at the repeated patterns (or fractals) in nature helps to put us in a state of relaxation and awe​.
This exercise takes between 2-4 minutes.​

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This exercise creates a feeling of awe, rest and relaxation. Looking at patterns in nature has the same effect on our emotions as listening to classical music!

Step 1: Stand in a comfortable position where you have a good view of the entire rock formation. Notice how the entire rock is made up of patterns.

Step 2: Now notice the different shades of yellow, green , white or orange lichen covering the rock.

Step 3: Move closer to the rock and look at one of the lichens close up. Notice how it is the same basic shape repeated over and over again.

Step 4: Run your finger across the rock and feel its texture. Can you feel the patterns in the rock’s surface?

Stay with viewing patterns as long as you like but aim for between 2-4 minutes. 

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