Feathered Friends

Mirroring nature introduces a new sense of connection to the plants and animals of your place. Try this with children or embrace your inner child.
This exercise takes between 3-5 minutes.

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Mimicry activates mirror neurons which increase empathy and forge a stronger connection between you and nature

Step 1: Think about your home. It provides you with shelter, food and company. This place is home to a community of birds. They have the same needs as you! 

Step 2: Let’s play a game. Pick a bird you can see clearly.  Imagine yourself becoming that bird, shrinking down to its size, viewing the world through their eyes. If feeling brave, mimic it’s actions.

Step 3: Answer these questions as if you are that bird.

  • Where is your food? (and for the least amount of effort)
  • Who are your friends? (and where are your enemies)
  • Where would you feel safe sleeping?

Here are some clues…

  • What is the shape of your bill? Is it strong for cracking seeds, or long for probing the ground?
  • What shape are your legs; what activity are they good for?
  • What calls do you make and who are you talking to?

When you are done, come back to your human self but come and visit these birds again, they have many more secrets to share.

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