Country Connections

Walk to the middle of the bridge and try this activity while looking over the water.
The water here supports a range of wildlife life today just like it did in the past.

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Noticing nature can cause feelings of awe, wonder and soft fascination. This exercise creates changes in your body that reduce stress and increase connection.

Step 1: Take a breath and relax and imagine it is 500 years ago.

Imagine the sounds of a 1,000 people camped nearby, families moving around the landscape on their daily business. Imagine the smell of cooking fires.

Step 2: Now put yourself in the landscape. What could you build a shelter from? Where would you put it?

Where would you put your fire? What would you eat?

Step 3: Finally, take some time to recognise and respect the past and the present, and think how we can collectively celebrate the future.

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