Welcome to the Living Lab - Green Space Assessment Tool

We created this survey tool to assess the qualities of green space that are important to increasing and maintaining nature connectedness. The tool provides a weighted score at the end out of 100

Living Lab_Qualities of Green Space Survey
Type: What kind of space is your outdoor area?
Instructions to find your canopy cover
1. Go to this website
Visit greener spaces better places
2. Scroll down to the section called "Where will all the trees be". Enter your postcode.
3. Scroll down to where it says " [Your LGA] has..."

4. Copy the percentage of CANOPY into the field above
How many trees over 3m high in your outdoor space?
Instructions to calculate the area of your outdoor space
1. Open google maps, or apple maps. (Google earth has an area function if you have that installed).
2. Zoom in on your home, activate the satellite layer so you can see the ground
3. Right click on the map, select "measure distance"
4. Measure the outdoor space at your house (don't include sheds or houses or decks, if you have a balcony but not yard, measure the balcony). You might need to do two or three rectangles to cover the outdoor space.
5. Length x width = Area. E.g, A yard 6m long by 4 meters wide. 6m x 4m = 24 square meters.
6. Enter this value in the space above

How structurally complex is the vegetation in your outdoor area? (the following images can relate to pot plants or in-ground plants)
Water. Click all that apply...
Prospect 2: My outlook is...
My outdoor space has (select those that apply)