Beautiful Things

Noticing nature’s beauty has been shown to increase life satisfaction and wellbeing.
This exercise takes between 3-10 minutes.

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Tuning into the beauty of everyday nature is something we can do anywhere and at any time. As our appreciation of nature’s beauty increases, so does our happiness and sense of community

Step 1: Choose a comfortable sitting location and allow yourself some time to feel relaxed and settled.

Step 2: Find 5 beautiful things. Don’t forget to look in unusual places, like down low or in amongst the bushes. They can be things you see, hear, taste, smell or feel.

Step 3: Use this time to reflect and be grateful for all the benefits that nature has offered during this trail.

Stay in your spot as long as you feel comfortable but aim for between 3 – 10 minutes and remember to use all your senses.  A good guide for the length of time is being there long enough for the birds and animals to forget you are there!  

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