The Tree and Me Quiz Test

Mirroring nature introduces a new sense of connection. Try this with children or just embrace your inner child! ​​

This exercise takes between 2-4 minutes.​​

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How do you feel about nature?
How do you feel now?
How do you feel about this place?

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Recorded by Sylvie age 10, who loves climbing trees especially when the cicadas are out!

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How will it make you feel

Mimicking nature activates the body senses and increases our connection and empathy with nature.

Step 1: Look at the tree and imagine you are the tree’s mirror. Look from the highest leaves to the roots.

Step 2: Imagine your body moving into its shape (you can move your body or just imagine moving it).

Step 3: Let your feet become the root system, imagine them sinking into the earth.  If you feel like it, spread your arms like the tree branches as they stretch out for sunlight. Gaze up at the canopy.

Step 4: Take in the qualities of that tree. For example, the strength of the tree and its ability to bend and grow.

Stay with this exercise as long as you like but try to aim between 2-4 minutes.

You might like to try this exercise with other elements of nature around you, like rocks, plants, sky or water.

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